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Torres del Paine “has the physical attributes to become the next wonder.”

It seems that more and more travelers are putting Torres del Paine on their bucket list, as this year the national park has received 15% more visitors than last – more than 139,000 trekkers. Torres del Paine has been added to the competition on VirtualTourist.com, a travel portal that is part of the TripAdvisor media group, featuring 309 global destinations fighting for the wonder spot. Other attractions include Yellowstone National Park (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador).
Spectacular Torres del Paine. Photo: Evan Lang / www.evanlang.com

The park encompasses so many diverse aspects that can be easily seen if hiked in as little as four days. Everyone that has visited Torres del Paine has nothing but good reviews, raving about how they can’t wait to go back, and telling anyone who will listen that, when in Chile, you must see this area.
“Torres del Paine has been featured worldwide for its natural beauty and landscapes,” says Chile Secretary of Tourism Jacqueline Plass. “It has the physical attributes to become the next wonder.”
Director of SERNATUR Magellan, María José Benavides, expresses her delight by adding, “We are proud that the region is a part of the competition, in which Chile is the only representative of the Torres del Paine, where we are competing with so many other diverse destinations like the historic center of Mexico or the city of London.”
To vote for the Torres del Paine in the competition, go to virtualtourist.com/8thwonder
Polls close September 30, 2013.

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